Millionaires Tax of 2012 in simple terms

I got this information from Courage Campaign. It’s breaking the ballot measure into simple language – but staying with what the California ballot measure says the law will do if passed in November 2012.

What is it? A statewide ballot measure that asks Californians who make over $1 million per year to pay a little bit more to invest in California after years of devastating cuts.

Why do we need it? Since 2008, budget cuts have led to big increases in K-12 class sizes, nearly a doubling of community and state college tuition, and billions in cuts to essential services for children and seniors.

What does it do? It asks those making more than $1 million a year in personal income to pay their fair share in taxes so we can raise an estimated $6 billion to begin:

  • re-hiring laid off teachers to reduce class sizes,
  • rolling back college tuition increases,
  • restoring cuts to essential services for children and seniors,
  • re-hiring laid off emergency responders,
  • and creating jobs by repairing roads and bridges.

Who’s behind it? A coalition of educators, parents, and community groups working together to restore California’s middle class.


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