What Are You Saving For?

Do you go to the dentist expecting a cavity? Are you saving for a rainy day? How about changing your strategy to save for a vacation, or a car, or to be able to do what you want to do – when you want to do it? If we expect trouble, we’re bound to find it.

Yes, unexpected things happen, but no need to announce to the universe you’re planning to receive a rotten egg. Absolutely have your living expenses in order. Work toward having at least six months of income put aside, but don’t label that account “rainy day” or “emergency money.” Call it “Long term savings” or label it something fun. If something other than fun comes up—an instant need for a new hot water heater, a flight across the country, or a car repair, it’s covered. The money is there, and you can rest knowing this account is for Life, and all that it brings.

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