Save An Extra 15%

When stores offer you the chance to “save today” by opening a credit card with them. Smile and say, “No thanks.” Don’t save today to pay big tomorrow. The more credit cards you have, the more it effects your credit score (and it’s not necessarily for the better.)

It’s not a matter of using the card or not—it can still affect your credit report just sitting there.

The best way to save is to plan ahead. If you know you’re buying “it” anyway, have the cash in the bank (or credit union, as I prefer) before you head out to make the purchase. Buying on impulse will cost you. Even at the .99 cent store. It adds up. Think. Do I need this? It’s a gift? Do they need/want it?

It’s December—keep your head on straight. If you do, you’ll be walking tall in one month!


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