Budget is the New Black

Not long ago, it wasn’t cool to announce “I got it at a thrift store.” Thrift is the new Vogue. It’s cool to save. It’s hip to be debt free. Maybe it’s even tempting to thumb your nose at the Joneses.

Did you used to be considered cheap—by those who now brag about their frugality?

How are you more mindful about money these days?


4 thoughts on “Budget is the New Black

  1. Great response to Maddy, Claudia. Unfortunately the sound no longer works on my laptop so I can’t hear the video, but your words are well received. I’m certainly more mindful of money these days than in days’ past, largely in part due to lack of employment. In hindsight, though, I see how this has been such a blessing for me. I’ve discovered new ways of being in relationship with my community, ways that hold so much more meaning. I’d much rather invest time in relationships than money in the stock market – the return on investment is far more satisfying!

    • Thanks Annie. Interesting how life works, isn’t it? Unknown to me I was saving — not for a house, but to live on during my cancer experience, including an unexpected car purchase. I’m so very grateful I saved! I know the money will return, too. We are provided for, but we’re also responsible for our decisions and actions. Don’t “short change” the idea of having money, philanthropists are blessings to our communities. I know you’re a blessing to your community, too 🙂


  2. How funny is that. My neighbors used to complain that we needed to loosen up and live a little. Then one of them lost their job and they had to start a whole new lifestyle of frugality. Now, they act like they invented the idea, when 90% of what they are doing they learned from us!

    • Hi Maddy, Keep lighting the path! You are a way-shower to more than your neighbors. I don’t rejoice in anyone’s hardship, but I do believe good can come out of it. Maybe your neighbors will take their own advice to “loosen up and live a little” by enjoying people and scenery around them. Or, not. They may continue to spend, complain, and take credit for your ideas. If so, choose to hang out with people of like-mind. Invite 1-3 people over to share a meal (including the cost and preparation) and deepen your friendship with conversation. Have fun! It doesn’t have to break the bank.

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