Want (debt) Not? Waste (money) Not.

“I donwanna!”

“Well, youbetta!”

How conscious are you when you spend money?

  •  Make your own coffee, smoothie, or lunch. It’ll $ave you! (And, extra bonus: knowing what goes into your drinks and food is a major factor in weight control.)
  •  Make a list before you go shopping. Sometimes shopping is a social event, or a reward. When you get home, do you wish you’d bought something else? Or saved money for something down the road? Don’t let the store music, seasonal clutter, or fatigue chip away at your conscious shopping power. Be alert. (Yes, the world needs more lerts. . .)
  •  Eat before grocery shopping. Do you really want what’s in your basket? Is it for your highest good? Maybe you really do want to buy ice cream. Maybe it’s a treat—not a weekly habit. Then buy it without guilt and enjoy it. But make a list. If it’s not on your list, don’t buy it. That way you are aware of the choice you make in the grocery store. You’re not on auto pilot.

What money saving tips do you have?


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