Six Weeks Until . . .

 It’s the month before Christmas, do you know your credit card balance? How about how much (disposable) cash you have in the bank? Are your actions inline with what you say that money is earmarked for?

 Here are some inexpensive, easy ideas to keep the enjoyment in giving:

  •  Pay with cash, or have cash in the bank to pay off the card when the bills arrive. 
  •  Wash and wax someone’s car. 
  • You could plant a few spring bulbs in a 4” pot (I do it a few days after Thanksgiving so a bit of green is showing around Christmas.) This year I’ve planted several heads of lettuce ready to transplant to pots, or buckets in time for Christmas. 
  •  Are you a decent photographer? Frame a photo as a gift.
  •  Tell someone you’ll take them on a day trip, or cook a meal for them. Or, make a gift card detailing the upcoming gift. You might include magazine pictures, an article about the place or event, or you might just write one-word descriptions about it in a card.

 Stay on budget. You’ll be holding your head high in January!


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