How Do YOU Get Out of Debt? Part III

. . .continued from last post, part II:

Getting out of debt takes time. It took time to get there, didn’t it?Be honest with yourself and take a look at where you are in the process of getting out. Are you kidding yourself, as you spend more? Forgiveness work is also one of the keys in moving through debt, and in cases when people owe you money.

I’m not in debt, and I believe part of that is the strong belief in what goes around, comes around.  Yesterday, my manager came by and arranged for my carpet to be be cleaned—at no charge to me.

I believe my free carpet cleaning was directly related to my feeling abundant enough to share with others. This week I’ve been going through my closets and shelves with the intention to find good things I wanted to give away. The things I gave away had served me, were in good condition, and I could pass them on with ease. I knew I’d benefit by clearing out my place, and someone else would benefit by receiving some good stuff.

How do you look at the things you own?  If you’re ready to move on, but the things are in good condition, dust them off, and consider giving or selling them, knowing your new good is working its way to you. What steps have you taken to move into a debt free lifestyle?




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