How Do YOU Get Out of Debt? Part II

. . .continued from last post, part I:

Think about setting up an automatic debt reduction plan with your bank (or skip the charges and look into a credit union.)

Do what you can to pay at least the minimum on each credit card  with a balance. Keep in mind, even paying the minimum, you’ll still pay interest on what’s left on the card(s).

I would suggest, but you must decide what’s best for you, to pay down debt AND save money. Even if it’s one dollar. Really. It’s about habit. It will get better. You’re creating the foundation on which to build. You’ll also see the benefit of bills going down, and savings going up. Don’t get fixated on “it’s not enough.”

Stay in gratitude. Does hot water still come out of your faucet? Lights still turn on? Food in your refrigerator? Shoes on your feet?

Energy grows where attention flows. Meaning, if we focus on our good, the abundance we DO have, then the Universe says, “Yes!” and more of what we focus on comes our way. Make sure to put your attention on abundance, not lack.


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