Got Debt?

By setting up an automatic debt reduction plan, you’re telling the universe to do some of the book keeping while you focus on welcoming wealth.

Be patient. You did not get into debt over night; so don’t expect to get out over night. It will take time, intention and commitment. Getting out of debt will happen, and getting out of debt will be worth. . . every penny!

If there is debt, the fact is the debt needs to be dealt with. The Truth is the universe is unlimited, and provides to the extent you are open. How do you talk about money? How do you treat your money? What goals do you have for your money? Do you know who’s on the fifty or one hundred-dollar bill?


2 thoughts on “Got Debt?

  1. I was unemployed for about a year, so I am more in debt than I want to admit. The challenge of getting myself out of it was frustrating once I got a job (about 2 months ago) but now it is sort of a game. I started blogging about it, and that almost makes it like more of a commitment to pay my cards down. Though I don’t get too many readers, at this point, it’s more for me to help get me through. And it’s working.

    Nice post. Look forward to reading more.

    • Good for you! You moved beyond the fear and the weight of debt into the feeling of empowerment. If you’d like to share more, please do. I blog twice a week, and the next few blogs will touch on ideas for how to pay debt down. There’s no one set way. Commitment is key. In my Welcoming Wealth Workshops I mention, “When we are committed, we’ll do whatever it takes. When we’re interested, we’ll do what’s convenient.” Consider a breakfast of bacon and eggs: The hen contributed, but the pig was committed! Congratulations on your blog – I took a look. Nice! For others interested go to:

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