I am prosperous (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, November 2008

There is one Infinite Source. This abundance lives in, through, and for all. I recognize it as my senses and experiences.

I move into conscious gratitude for the cells in my body, keeping me in perfect, abundant health. I am aware of the blessed relationships in my life and celebrate the richness they bring. I fully accept the energy of opulence in all areas, including my finances. I am prosperous because I believe in my prosperity, and take every step in that direction. I circulate prosperity. I contribute to the wealth of the world one thought and one action at a time. I am rich for these experiences. So much has brought me to the awareness of abundance in my life, and I give thanks.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy

2 thoughts on “I am prosperous (An Affirmative Prayer)

  1. Hello Rev. Claudia. I Googled “I am prosperous” on a whim before I started on my homework for my prosperity class. What a delight to find your blog! For the class I am taking, I set a goal of manifesting a Mammoth trip for my family. We’re leaving on Sunday as God always says, “Yes.” The photo of the snow falling and the dog sled is beautiful and very meaningful for me as it is exactly what I wanted demonstrated. I read the prayer treatment above to my children and they said, “It sounds like Science of Mind.” What a lovely teaching we have! I am a practitioner in California and I wanted to let you know how your treatment continues to bless others. This time it was me!

    With blessings and much aloha,

    • Ahh! Practitioner Mama Carole! Thanks for connecting with me! I’m thrilled you’re doing homework, and that it brought you to Google, and ultimately to my blog! I look forward to your updates! Have fun on your trip! (Swishhhh!)

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