Act As If

Form follows thought. True. A lot of people get into spiritual teaching and take the cream off the top. They hear “Act as if.” “Engage your imagination.” “Visualize.” “Claim what you desire and it will be so.” They don’t hear, “Take responsibility.” If you can’t afford $300.00 a month on a car payment, it’s not the time to get that car.

You can, however, get in the mindset by taking care of your current car now matter how old, how bad the paint is peeling, and how thick the blue exhaust out he tail pipe. Do you have a savings account set up for your newer car? Are you getting into your old car “as if” it’s the one for which you’re saving? How do you talk about your current car? Are you washing it “as if” it’s your newer car? If not, then what sort of message are you sending to the universe about how ready and able you are to care for luxury items?

In what ways do “act as if” for something (more likely an experience) you want?


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