Money Can’t Buy Happiness:

Money can’t buy happiness. Neither can poverty. Philanthropists brought public libraries to our society – and public art, and foundations that give – and give LOTS of money – Think of some names: Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bill and Melinda Gates – These are just a handful of foundations that continue to give – Because they have the money. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates launched “The Giving Pledge,” encouraging hundreds of other billionaires to donate at least 50 percent of their wealth to charity. Rather than bad-mouthing those with money, welcome it into your life. Use it for a grater good. Love people; use money. Value people – and value money. Value the experience money allows you to have – including sharing it. Love animals? Art? Children? Knowing people are fed or educated? The money game is not about hoarding. It’s the Law of Circulation. In short – what goes around, comes around.



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