I “Deserve” It:

Financial discipline isn’t depriving yourself. If you’re spending now and it’s not in the budget, you’re depriving yourself. You’re depriving yourself from welcoming wealth. If you can’t pay cash, don’t buy it. Plan ahead. Save for a future of ease, (not for a rainy day!)

Is coming home with stuff a treat for you—only to find the next week you still feel empty, lacking, and “deserving” to buy the next thing. You deserve to be debt free, clutter free, and guilt free. Look around your life. Do you Love what you have? —Or, is it to fill a void? Go to the cause of that void. Is it immediate gratification? Is shopping your social activity? Do you get a “high” from touching money? Go to the cause. Why do you have things you don’t Love? What’s behind your consumer debt?

A shift must happen. “We can’t get out of problems with the same consciousness that got us into those problems.” —Albert Einstein.

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