Double-Dog Dare:

Can you go 21 days without complaining, or worrying about money? (Or anything, for that matter.)

Enlist someone to join you, or, just be honest with yourself. If you catch yourself going of the deep end—wether verbally or mentally— start over at day one, affirming, “I am provided for” and “My subconscious mind and I partner in success.” Take a day and set your cell phone, or kitchen timer to ring every hour. When it goes off, be aware of the thoughts and conversations it interrupted.

The shift is not about denial. It’s about realizing how much you have. It’s about talking the paper tiger back into the bag so you can focus on moving ahead. Be conscious of how you talk about money, or the economy.

If the Universe only says, “Yes”, are you looking forward to receiving all that you have manifested in your verbal and mental outlook?

Anyone want to share their experience on this one?


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