How To Start A Budget When You Don’t Know How:

Have goals. Write them down. Have a daily “To Do” list. Rank 1-6, not 1-50. If every thing is a priority, nothing’s a priority. You’ll feel the success. Budget (money, time, energy.) Have boundaries with money, people, and negative thoughts. Bring your goals alive. If it’s money you want, why do you want it? What will you do with it? What does the end result look like? What does it feel like? Describe the experience to yourself versus just having a number in your head. Unrealistic expectations create stress. Setting your goals high is great, but plan to put some skin in the game. Daily, make a “God’s ‘To-Do’ List.” God clears the path and guides us to the right people, places, events and things. Our job is to grasp the opportunities, and follow through.

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