Welcoming Wealth:

Hello, and welcome!

I’m Rev. Claudia Mulcahy. I have a passion for teaching, demonstrating and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness. In these monthly blogs, We’ll touch on Spirit and Money Matters. Spirit is thought. Money is form. Both are important. Some of the blogs will be universal, spiritual Truths. These can be used as meditations, prayers, or devotional readings.

Other blogs will be taken from my Welcoming Wealth workshops, where I combine universal spiritual principles, and practical systems for welcoming wealth. We’ll look into budgeting, and how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect our relationship with money. These blogs will invite you to rethink some ways of doing things.

Welcoming Wealth is about knowing your priorities. It’s about being committed to your goals and dreams, and living the life the Universe has in store for you. God works for us to the extent we allow God to work through us.

I look forward to this journey with you.



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